When we were called in, the beef packing house was seriously in violation of their EPA enforced odor control equipment permit. The Imperial County Air Pollution Control Board (ICAPCD) had assessed a $131,000.00 fine because this non-compliance condition was dragging on. There was a need for immediate and long term action. Pacific Rim was tasked to address both issues.


We began by gathering analytical data, studying the existing equipment and regulatory permits, then formulated a plan that ultimately solved the problem very successfully.

In a series of well planned steps, Pacific Rim calmed down the local regulatory board, upgraded the existing odor control equipment (rather than replace it) and through a clever use of air dispersion modeling and regulatory inventiveness, was able to revise the odor equipment emission permit limits from an unworkable 0.5 pounds of sulfides per day to an environmentally safe and workable 22.5 pounds per day. Pacific Rim provides subsequent annual performance testing to confirm the system is working as designed.

Pac Rim's subsidiary company, Automated Environmental Control Systems, Inc., designed a control panel to monitor and manage three individual scrubbers as an integrated total system.

Two of these scrubbers treat entirely different types of foul air. The effluent from both of these scrubbers is combined in a third 100,000 ACFM scrubber for additional treatment. The controller integrates data from a wide range of sensors in all three units, using sophisticated "if-then" logic and PID control which regulates six chemical metering pumps, three recirculation pumps, and three fans and alarm systems.

Because the separate air streams are unique, each scrubber has its own process chemistry and the controller monitors them all, making process adjustments in individual scrubbers that benefit the overall air quality while minimizing chemical consumption.

This photo shows the control panel for an integrated odor control system.
Pacific Rim personnel are teaching National Beef personnel to service sensors and maintain equipment. This is part of an annual equipment inspection and testing program.
Roof shot at National Beef. Stainless steel ducting is used due to high air temperature.